About Us

The Motherland of Egypt


At the current era of Egypt’s new economical reform, ‘P & S Enterprise’ is launching the first mini commercial village with inn the region on the North Coast of the motherland Egypt. 

Our Project


Our project is a medium sized exclusive commercial complex, offering a highly compatible price for all commercials and business wanting to take place within one of them elites places.


The Area


Our project is built on an average of 10,000 square meters. Our project includes a stunning opn-air commercial area in the form of IOS complemented by an outdoor entertainment, boutique destination using high quality end shops and open air dining destination, for all to enjoy.

Story About US

Sidi Abd Rahman (Al Alameen) is curently Egypt’s number one summer place for all of Egypt’s niche(top) society, currently the area is occupied with 5 of Egypt’s largest compounds starting from Hacienda Bay, Diplomatic Beach, Stella Di Mare, Marassi, Hacienda White and Bianchi.


Just in between Hacienda Bay and Diplomatic beach, exist what is so-called Diplo’s New Entrance. Right on that entrance ‘P & S Enterprise’ is launching its latest project, which exists with in this booming area.



The complex is locates in between Egypt’s no.1 luxurious compounds

Best position

Highly strategic location as passing on the new entrance of Diplomatic Beach 3 and one of Stella Di Mare entrance


Hotel in our Complex (are familiarizing)


Highly compatible prices in relation to location & special luxurious design of the place (exclusive prices available only fo first year customer